Connection to Tom Thomson Family

Sixty Years Later Artist Traces His Roots as a Canadian landscape Painter To His Grand Mother Matilda Robson’s Class Mate Tom Thomson

The Artist has always thought he had some connection to the legendary painter Tom Thomson from Leith, Ontario near Owen Sound.

His mother Violet Robson and his grandmother Matilda Robson lived and grew up in Leith near the Thomson family. Matilda went to school with Tom and his brother George.

One of Matilda’s sisters is buried next to Tom Thomson’s grave in the local cemetery. Matilda and his mother Violet were amateur painters in Toronto in the nineteen twenties and always encouraged Winston to paint from the age of 9.

Winston’s life has followed the same route as Thompson in that both worked as commercial artists; both painted in the woods and had an understanding of “The Anatomy of the Forest”-
a given skill few artists possess.