From 2001-2008 I owned and operated “Kempt Lake Gallery” in Eastern Canada. My clients came mostly from Ontario, Alberta, Ottawa, Toronto and were mostly professionals mixed with Europeans from Germany, Poland and the UK. All of these clients where “Collectors” vacationing in the Maritimes with disposable incomes to purchase works of art to take back home for their personal enjoyment. Many of these clients made return trips every second year with additional purchases until the summers of 2006-2007 when disposable income was drying up and art was way down the list below air fares to travel to vacation locations.

By the summer of 2009, the commercial galleries where in deep trouble and many closed and went out of business. A Few in cities like Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver survived because of deep pocketed clients that were not effected by the world recession. Others moved into the auction market like Heffel Fine Art in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. This gallery and a few others sourced out estate paintings that had been in private collections for years. The recession made these collectors realize their paintings were valuable assets worth too much to hang on their walls, hence the Fine Art Auction.

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