Arkansas Blackboards series of Paintings

In February 2009 the latest series ‘Arkansas Blackboard’ paintings began. I was reviewing digital images of interior shots of boats and flotation devices. I found interesting patterns of oars, sails, seats, lashing ropes, life jackets, and float markers.

To this end, I was looking to produce larger paintings using different materials to work with when I found three 30’x 4’ discarded blackboards, made in Arkansas USA, outside my studio in the old Mahone Bay school. Upon closer inspection, I realized they were 1/4” tempered masonite that will not bend and with a slate finish that binds well with artist’s gesso. I remember painting on this material back in the 60‘s. The 1-1/4” pine frame is bonded to the masonite panel and becomes one. The semi-abstract images are micro compositions using a limited palette, executed with oil, industrial enamels, caulking material and drywall mud.